Monday, February 15, 2010

It is all about Single and mingles around…

It is all about Single and mingles around…

Do you get what im trying to say?

Firstly I wanna story bout my cousin

He was a boy

Before, he just as me likes to mingle around

For us it’s really hard to find someone that we love most


If we start to love someone

We really mean it

And now he’s in loves

Me?? Hahaha.. still looking around

Im really impressed when he told me about his planned

He willing to do anything as long as his gf happy (besday girl)

At that time, I just wonder if my future bf is like my cousin


You don’t know how romantic he is

N how much he loves his gf

For me…

My cousin deserve to get better than her


Same as me

If you really in love

You will do not care how she/he looks like

The next part is mine

People around me

Some of them are works really hard to get my attention

But as I told them before

Im not ready for serious relationship

Love n syg

Its really hard to say that words

Except for the special someone

Its hard for me to fall in love

Easy for me to ‘like’

But ‘love’

Waiting from the sky say to me

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