Monday, September 24, 2012

High Low Skirt

Hye guyss....

Do you ever heard about high to low skirt?
Fyi this style tgh hot skg...
xpercaya??? ok if u guys not believe can go to few shopping mall and looking for it...
i am pretty sure there's alot... ;) 
Actually i am really into skirt but of coz not for mini skirt as i wearing hijab.
i love fashion. for me there's so many things you can do with fashion. For me fashion xde limit experiment and you can get a better look. (i hope so) huhu...
Maybe a few people says when you wearing hijab...your fashion is limit. SAY NO TO IT!
do not use such that excuses... Nowadays we can see alot of hijabista out there. Maybe some of it i can call them as fashion victim. Who cares what people say because if you comfortable...just let what people wanna say about you...The most important thing is be confident! yes it a must.
For those who wearing hijab... think for awhile what you can do...try to mix n match your fashion. as for me ...for this high low skirt... of coz im wearing legging inside. For those who do not like it...i dun even care... ;D just want to share it...

p/s ** mine is like the middle...instead of black...i pilih biru... ok guyssss...c ya! ;p

1 comment:

  1. love this skirt as well..

    yet xtw nk pkai cmne..xtw nk mix n match cmne..huuhu