Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TODAY...happy dayyyyyy ^_^

today ... my happy day because:

i've got good respond from my customers who came from all over the wold especially Asian
i do my part time as a tour coordinator at one of the Travel agency near my area
(mines shopping center)
they like my communication skill and they easy with it
some of them were ask me where i've learned to speak in English and the most important part is!!!
i've got Iranian's friend and of coz la girl kan...she's pretty n nice u knoe...hehe
love her n her family...
yes she is when i told her that i like u and ur family and she said 'but sometimes they drive me crazy'...ahha yes i can see it!
so we were exchange the FB email and hp number...
hope we can be a good fwenz coz her family n she also like me! =p
how wonderful day coz b4 diz its too hard for me to give away my number to my customer especially foreigner...
n da fyi...
i hate most when i have to serve people who came from south africa..
huh...u can imagine rite..yes they r nice...but they r also "sweet talking' (*ingat aq terpikat ke??sorry dewww gua xminat lu punyew org..hati ni masih kat jejaka tempatan okeiii..hahah )
gatai2 no..plzzzzz laaa,,,
k la..xleyh cte byk2...nt korang penat nk bc! heheh chow!


  1. wahhh beslah orang afrika bekenan hahahahaa
    nadia xpndai sgt lah bi nih mana nk blaja bg mantap macam fhana :D serius nk blja nih:)

  2. hahah xtaw la..msok uitm la..coz smua fhana amik cos masscomm time dip dlu..smua stock speaking jek..last2 terpandai sendiri..haha uitm gne english pon =p plus kje hadap foreigner ni memang nk xnk bantai jek..last2 pandai la.hahaha klaka jew

  3. hahaha yaka malangnya xdapt la palak nadia uitm dah apply malang lagi hahhaa

  4. alaaa xpew...mne2 pon leyh blaja...inyaALLAH..heheh xmo cdeyh2 k..hehe tgk cte inggeris byk2 then tgk subtitle dia meaning pe..xphm ag bukak kamus.. kompom dpt blaja.hehe sis wat gak cm2 =p ngee

  5. bestnye kamo..jeles2 nie ^^

  6. alaa xmo jeles2..kamu pown boleyh taw.. ^_^